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Zavod KINOkašča
Šmihel 55, SI-5261 Šempas
Phone386 (0) 5 308 8328
Founded byAnja Medved
Anja Medved, Director

Phone386 (0) 41 278 27

CINEMattic Institute, or KINOkašča Institute ('kašča' means 'a granary') is a company for documentary film, video and television production, founded in 2012. Its founders were Nadja Velušček and Anja Medved, both documentary film makers. Under its umbrella Anja Medved has been running a multi-annual project of memory-donation actions, called The Archive of Memory, a public collection of personal photos and memories, collected since 2007 and mostly related to the experience of the former Yugoslav-Italian state border and border issues between two twin cities, Nova Gorica and Gorizia. The project resulted in several documentary films.


Anja Medved, born 1969 in Nova Gorica, graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT). She delivers her research work through video, documentary films and other actions, and is particularly interested in probing personal and collective memory through the personal stories of people living on both sides of the Slovene-Italian border, exploring the complexity of border identities, the varying constructs of national history and the contradictions posed by life on the border, in short, the topology of different realities which in the case of her hometown are located in the same place.

"The place we live in has always been a juncture of different cultures, countries, and social systems", said Medved. "Throughout the centuries it shaped its special image and unique identity. In the last century, the destiny of the whole Europe was on several occasions decided right here. Today, when the border no longer exists, we cannot search its story only in national histories, but primarily in the personal memories of local people. The purpose of The Archive of Memory is to keep these memories and to create an open archive, which, like the family album, evolves with time, and becomes a kind of gift that the inhabitant of both cities donate to future generations with the desire not to repeat the bloody history in these places".

A longstanding associate of the cross-border organisation for intercultural projects in the field of film and audiovisual media Kinoatelje from Gorizia, Medved created, in tandem with her mother Nadja Velušček, a series of documentaries. In 2000, she, together with Velušček, made a film These Were Not Birds, in 2002 film My Borderline, in 2004 Town in a Meadow, in 2006 Binding Memories, all produced by Kinoatelje or RAI. In 2010, also in the production of Kinoatelje, she made a short film Smuggler's Confessional, which was the first one in the cross-border commemorative campaign The Archive of Memory, followed by a short film Memory Clinic. From 2012 she continued her work under the umbrella of Kinokašča Institute.

Film festivals, exhibitions and awards

Medved's work was presented at many film festivals, for example at Human Rights Film Festival in Sarajevo in 2010, Trieste Film Festival in 2011, Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival in 2011, South-East European Film Festival in Jena in Germany in 2011, several times at the Festival of Slovenian Film, Festival of Independent Film, etc.

She participated at many exhibitions of contemporary art, for example, she was the artist in focus of the 5th edition of international festival Photonic Moments – Month of Photography in 2014. For her work she won The European Home Movies Network Award in Vicenza in 2010 and the Big Fish award at the Independent Film Festival in Tolmin in 2010.


Since 2012, the CINEMattic Institute or KINOkašča has continued the preservation of memories and their evaluation through research and the production of creative documentaries.

As a producer or co-producer, KINOkašča made several films and video projects: in 2012 the short films Album of the City and Becoming; in 2013 The Gathering – the Secret Side of Things We Share; in 2014 Found Portraits, Captured Water and Renato's Plan; in 2016 Images of Oblivion – Personal Histories of the City of Ljubljana; in 2017 Burnt in Memories. All these projects were directed by Anja Medved, some together with Nadja Velušček, except in 2015, when Kinokašča as a co-producer made a short feature film Indigo by Fabris Šulin. In the production processes, Kinokašča Institute still collaborates mainly with the Kinoatelje Institute.

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Zavod KINOkašča +
Anja Medved +
Zavod KINOkašča +
SI-5261 Šempas +
Director +
Šmihel 55 +
CINEMattic Institute, or KINOkašča Institute ('kašča' means 'a granary') is a company for documentary film, video and television production, founded in 2012. +
CINEMattic Institute, or KINOkašča Institute ('kašča' means 'a granary') is a company for documentary film, video and television production, founded in 2012. +
+386 / 5 308 8328 +
Šempas +
SI-5261 +
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