National cultural institutions


There are 31 national cultural institutions that were founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia:

  • 9 museums and galleries, and 1 institute for the protection of cultural heritage;
  • 4 theatre houses (2 of which house opera and ballet), and 1 theatre institute;
  • 1 philharmonic;
  • 1 cinematheque, 1 film studio, and the Slovenian Film Centre (foundation);
  • 1 cultural and congress centre;
  • 1 public agency for books;
  • 1 national library;
  • 6 archival institutions (regional archives) – the national archive (ARS) makes a part of the Ministry of Culture;
  • 1 foundation for cultural (amateur) activities;
  • 1 botanical garden.

As public state entities, they are required to present their programmes to the Ministry of Culture, which then decides on their annual subsidy.