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Contact info
Produkcijska skupina Mangart d.o.o.
Knezov štradon 94, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 420 4300
Fax386 (0) 1 420 4310
Tomaž Grubar, Head
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Past Events

Mangart Production Group was born in 1995 when the youth TV Slovenia programme Easily Around brought together Tomaž Grubar, Vojko Anzeljc and Sašo Kolarič. In 1997 when they conceived a new TV series Odklop (Turned-Off), they gained support from Kregar Video Production Studio and Kanal A Television. After six programmes the series became a hit and 33 new episodes were shot.

In 1998 the group established the Mangart Production Group, a private company for film and TV production with Tomaž Grubar functioning as executive producer, Vojko Anzeljc as director, and Sašo Kolarič as scriptwriter, accountant and head. In 1998 directors Igor Šterk, Boris Petkovič and Simon Obleščak and scriptwriters Urša Krišelj and Jan Cvitkovič were invited to work with them and in 1998 another 50 episodes were produced. Since 1999 Mangart Production Group has produced the series Zmenkarije (Rendezvous), the sport series Adrenalina and the comedy series TV Dober dan (TV Good Afternoon), which originally began in 1999 on POP TV. Since 2001 TV Dober dan has become very popular, occupying eight scriptwriters and generating a theatre spin-off and merchandising. In 2001 the group organised and directed the Viktor Award (Slovene Media Award) ceremony in co-production with Pop TV and STOP Magazine. They have also produced also some advertising and music spot projects.

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