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Contact info
Luksuz Festival poceni filma
Cesta 4. julija 58, SI-8270 Krško
Organised byLuksuz Production, DZMP
Frequencyannual (2020 edition took place online)
Festival dates6.11.2015 - 7.11.2015
4.11.2016 - 5.11.2016
13.12.2019 - 14.12.2019
6.11.2020 - 22.11.2020
Tom Gomizelj, Coordinator
Online accounts:
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Luksuz Cheap Film Festival was established in 2003 by Luksuz Production, the video production arm of the Society of Allies for Soft Landing, Krško (DZMP), motivated by the advent of cheap film production in recent years and the consequent democratisation of media. The festival features some 30 short and low-budget film productions by both domestic and foreign experimental and alternative directors and activists, created in a non-commercial or non-institutional context and offering an alternative to mainstream "Hollywood" and national film productions. Luksuz Festival welcomes films that tackle the subject of society and culture, social critique, cultural diversity and youth culture.


In the past festival screenings were held at the Dvorana v parku ("Hall in the Park"), close to the Valvasor Library near the old centre of Krško, but in recent years the Festival takes place at Trška gora near Krško. Free camping is available.


Each year an international jury awards the films in several categories: Best Fiction, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Experimental Film, Best Target Audience; it bestows also the Best Revival, Best Cliché, Golden Žižek and other occasional awards such as Best Meal, Best Try how not to Speak French, Best Trashy Historical Spectacle Award, etc.

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