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Contact info
Art Stays mednarodni festival sodobne umetnosti
Jadranska ulica 4, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 40 467 459, 386 (0) 51 361 800
Organised byArt Stays Cultural Association
Festival dates10.7.2015 - 1.9.2015
8.7.2016 - 5.9.2016
7.7.2017 - 15.7.2017
6.7.2018 - 9.9.2018
5.6.2019 - 13.9.2019
16.7.2020 - 19.7.2020
Vlado Forbici, President
Jernej Forbici, Art Director
Marika Vicari, Creative Director
Sanja Selinšek, Public relations
Online accounts:

Established in 2003, the Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art is the main summer event of visual arts in the Ptuj region. Since 2009 it is one of the two branches of the Art Ptuj Festival, consisting also of the music part of the festival named Arsana.

The Art Stays Festival consists traditionally of a week long, condensed festival days, and a longer exhibition featured on several locations in Ptuj including the partner institutions: Ptuj – Ormož Regional Museum, Mihelič Gallery, Ptuj, and Salon of Art, Ptuj.

Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art 2010 Performance by Bioalloy.jpg

Some recent editions

The 2010 edition transformed the colony character of the festival's past events into an academy: emerging artists participated in a 10-day festival workshop led by international guest professors such as Gary Cass (University of Western Australia), S. Chandrasekaran (Head of the Department of Fine Arts at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore), and Raphael Di Luzio (New Media Programme, University of Maine, USA). Artists from 12 countries on 4 continents participated, including those from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Australia, Finland, and Ireland. Beti Bricelj, BridA (Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica), Dušan Fišer, and Tanja Špenko represented Slovenia.

The 2015 edition adopted the concept of a Wunderkammer and featured numerous workshops, performances and screenings as well as nine group exhibitions or individual artistic interventions that remain open throughout the summer. The artists invited by Jernej Forbici and Marika Vicari include Fernando Prats, Hannah Collins, Ann & Patrick Poirier, Perino & Vele, Dragoljub Raša Todosijević, Zoran Todorović, Hongbo Li, Zhang Qiushi, Lei Wang, Tina Dobrajc, Goran Bertok, Boštjan Novak, Tomaž Plavec, and others.

Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art 2015 Guided tours around the exhibitions.jpg

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