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Gaja Zornada

The Computer Museum's collection of old hardware and software has grown since 2004. It kicked off in the now defunct Cyberpipe multimedia centre where the exhibited configurations were also interactive. By then the donations helped build a remarkable collection of over 300 computer hardware and software items, computer magazines, manuals etc. A non-profit association was established in 2013 in order to open the Computer Museum as a permanent venue with its own educational and participatory programmes, focused on challenges of the information society's fast changes.


The museum has not opened yet but occasionally the temporary education activities and exhibitions are prepared. The most popular so far was Goto 1982 (2012), hosted by the National Museum of Contemporary History and seen by 12,000 visitors, later shown also in the Technical Museum of Slovenia (2013).

The Battle for Slovenian exhibition at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana featured milestones in translation of software in Slovenian language, care for its digital infrastructure, and development of new terminology as well as its related slang (2019).

The museum offers also a set-up of a satellite collection, a temporary display, hosted by a supporting partner. The first one is situated at the Zemanta headquarters, a company closely linked to the museum founders.


The collection grew out of the Cyberpipe activities. This multimedia centre, focused on open source and other free technologies was established in 2000. It was managed by the K6/4 Institute up to 2013 when the association, established by the museum's founders took over the museum collection. Two years later Cyberpipe dissolved.

Cyberpipe housed the first computer museum in Slovenia and organised many events or projects dealing with computer history. The museum was interactive so that visitors could use Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari 1040ST, Macintosh SE, IBM PS/1, IBM PC XT, etc.

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