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Current website maintainance software

Provides backup, webshots, featured, europeana, wiki utilities, etc...

You might want to create a special user on your system for this stuff...

sudo adduser culture

Note! Current mediawiki stuff in SVN is not quite up to date. Eventually it needs to be replaced with stuff actually used (it is backed up)

Better yet, move all this stuff to GitHub (and post checkout instructions here!!!)

Checkout from SVN

mkdir Projects
cd Projects
svn co svn+ssh://
cd culture

You might also need to set some environment for stuff to work from shell.

. etc/

There is also etc/crontab you might want to look into. It runs stuff in the Makefile.

The directory structure of the project tries to be reasonably logical.

Toplevel Makefile contains some useful targets for backups and updates, everything that runs from Makefile.

Backups are stored in backups directory.

Directory etc contains some example configuration files. You might want to change these.

Directory bin contains some useful new shell commands. They try to have reasonable names. Many include some built-in help. Some don't yet, sorry.

Bugs and Issues

write your gripes here...