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Images on

There are some 2,000 images (photos, drawings, maps, documents etc.) at your disposal in the Free Images Collection, complete with the data and metadata.

They have been obtained from Slovene producers and institutions, from Slovene photographers individually and via SPP Institute for Promotion of Photography, or taken by the team, while some were found on the Internet (free licences).

Creative Commons licence BY-ND

Under the conditions of this licence you are allowed to copy, distribute and republish the images under the condition that you attribute the work to as a source. You are not allowed to alter the images in any way, the commercial use, however, is allowed.

Logotypes on

The Logos are provided by their owners, preferably in a vector format. They are available for download and can be used only with the permission by their owners if properly attributed. This collection is a practical resource for cultural operators and publishers as well as a unique showcase of Slovene visual communications design.

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