Europe House, Ljubljana



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Evropska hiša Ljubljana, Poslovno, raziskovalno, kulturno in izobraževalno združenje
Dunajska 22, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 474 4545
Professor Alenka Orel, Director

Established in May 2002, Europe House, Ljubljana is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation and a member of the Federation International des Maisons de l'Europe (FIME) - In accordance with the mission of FIME, the Europe House is a business, research, culture and education institution which supports the process of integration in a democratic European Union. The Europe House in Ljubljana runs primarily educational activities and seeks to make co-operation between agents of European civil society more creative and efficient through various seminars. A seminar on salaries in the public sector held in December 2003 compared the situation, legal bases and union claims of various different environments. The Europe House co-operates with the Europe Centre and the Government Communication Office.

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