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Contact info
Mednarodni film fest Kranjska Gora
Phone386 (0) 41 350482
Organised byZavod Javšnik & Klapa
Festival dates28.7.2016 - 6.8.2016
27.7.2017 - 5.8.2017
26.7.2018 – 4.8.2018
25.7.2019 – 3.8.2019
Matjaž Javšnik, Director of the festival
Miha Mohorič, Festival programme director
Tina Glavič Novak, Festival producer
Veronika Zakonjšek, Public relations
Online accounts:
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Kranjska Gora International Film Fest, which essence is to bring together film makers and motion picture lovers, saw the light of day in 2016 in the beautiful environment of the eponymous mountain village Kranjska Gora. In a rich and diverse ten-day programme, which takes place every year at the end of July and beginning of August, the festival offers international and local documentary and fiction films of all kinds and genres, but also diverse accompanying programme, workshops for children, workshops and master classes for adult film lovers, round tables with authors, theatre performances and concerts. In an interview for the daily newspaper Delo, the founder and art director of the festival Matjaž Javšnik said he wanted "Kranjska Gora to be presented as a cultural and not just a sports destination".


The idea for the film festival in Kranjska Gora was born from the desire to revive the local film tradition, dating back to 1951, when the first Slovene feature film for the young audience titled Kekec – which was awarded the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival in 1952 – was shot in Kranjska Gora. At the same time, the idea for the festival was also motivated by the desire that Kranjska Gora, being a winter ski centre, also lives in the summer season, especially with the rich cultural dimension. But on the other hand, as Javšnik said, "the growth of such festivals is also a reflection of the disagreement of local environments with the centralisation of cultural contents".

Festival sections

The Kranjska Gora International Film Fest has many special focuses. One is to expand the film culture among children and youth, and for that reason the organisers dedicate the first 3 days of the festival to them. The following festival section is "Homelike" (Domačica), which focuses on local film makers, for example, in 2018, this section was dedicated to Boštjan Hladnik, the pioneer of Slovenian modernist film. The "Jump over the Fence" section focuses on regional film makers from nearby countries, for example, a special focus on Serbian film production in 2018. The festival also pays great attention to documentary and activist films in the "Look and See" section. The central section is the "Competition", where both Slovene and international film hits are screened; the festival regularly shows Slovene premieres (for example, 10 films in 2018).


At the festival's final ceremony, the expert jury announces the award for the best fiction and documentary movie.

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