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Creative Europe in Slovenia

Motovila Institute 2020 Results EU Coop Projects.png

Slovene cultural producers have been consistently successful in the European Union's programmes for the cultural and creative sectors. Today, these programmes are united under the name Creative Europe.

Through an impressive performance of their application-genius, in 2020, 4 project leaders managed to claim no less than 1,4 million euros, while 14 Slovene producers are engaged as partners in the granted Cooperation Projects of the Culture subprogramme. The producers located in Ljubljana, Škofja Loka and Kranj have been collaborating with 94 partners from 24 countries, mostly the Netherlands (10), Italy (10), Spain (9), France (9), UK (6), and Greece (5). This time performing arts projects (music, theatre, dance) prevail (almost 50%), while the number of cultural heritage and visual arts projects is not scarce as well (circa 20% each).

Consult the infographic that shows the distribution of projects by art field and by the organisation's role in the project. By clicking on it you can get to detailed information about each project or producer.

The interactive chart has been updated by Motovila Institute which runs the Creative Europe Desk Slovenia.

Festivals in Slovenia

Festivals in slovenia 2012.jpg

DISCLAIMER: As a result of the epidemic declared in Slovenia from 12 March to 31 May, and the ongoing health crisis, the dates of some festivals in 2020 may be inaccurate, as some have been cancelled, while others have been postponed. Always check with the producers to confirm any dates.

Since 2012, the annual festivalscapes are provided as an infographic, conceived by the Culture.si team at the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory.

The interactive calendars include the festivals from the Culture.si database arranged by weeks and by field. You can get various charts, e.g., music festivals only, by clicking on the corresponding artistic field.

You can complement the infographic with the timeline of festivals, which reveals the dynamics of establishing new festivals in Slovenia (since 1946).

Festival organisers, you are invited to send in the missing festival dates for our 2020 festival infographic, or the dates of your editions in 2021 or 2022.

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