Association of Slovene Local Television Stations (LTV Slovenia)

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Gospodarsko in interesno združenje lokalnih televizij Slovenije (GIZ LTV Slovenija)
Celovška 150, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 500 5012
Marjan Moškon, President

Established in 1992 by nine independent cable TV programme creators, the Association of Slovene Local Television Stations (LTV Slovenia) represents local television, addressing its role in the public media landscape as well as aiming to fulfil common interests. Its members co-operate in the purchase or exchange of TV programmes and in the common marketing of economic propaganda. They also exchange experience in the organisation and preparation of programmes and purchase and use of equipment. Education and copyright are other common issues. Since its establishment, the Association has distributed its programmes to cable networks with more than 80,000 connections in nine Slovene cities.

Today the Association’s members include ATV Signal Litija, Deželna televizija Loka (DTL) in Škofja Loka, Moj TV in Selnica ob Dravi, Studio Signal TV in Ljubljana, Television Ptuj, TV AS in Murska Sobota, TV Primorka in Nova Gorica, Vaš kanal in Novo Mesto and Vaša Television (VTV).

In 1999 a close collaboration among five regional TV stations - Studio Signal TV, Vaša Television (VTV), TV Primorka, Vaš kanal and TV AS - was started and common programmes created.