Directorate for Cultural Development and International Affairs, Ministry of Culture

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Direktorat za kulturni razvoj in mednarodne zadeve, Ministrstvo za kulturo
Maistrova 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 369 5900
Sonja Kralj Bervar, Director General

Phone386 (0) 1 369 5942

In February 2012 the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport was established, merging the former Ministry of Education and Sport, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Culture. The text will undergo some change as soon as the new organisation of the ministry is outlined.

The Directorate for Cultural Development and International Affairs monitors and analyses the field of culture on Slovenian and international level. The Directorate also elaborates proposals of cultural-policy measures and systemic solutions.

It promotes Slovenian culture and achievements of Slovenian artists on international level, works on the Ministry’s final positions on legislative proposals of the EU, and fosters the development of Slovenian language as one of the basis of national identity. As an important issue the Directorate also covers monitoring the development of minority cultures and vulnerable groups and creates conditions for their promotion and recognition within society.

The special tasks performed by the sector include: organising co-operation on cultural matters on the international level; monitoring, analysing and evaluating cultural policy; monitoring and analysing the current state of culture; developing cultural-political measures and system solutions intended for cultural development and modernising cultural policy; comparatively analysing cultural policies of reference states and preparing materials and information thereof; monitoring the execution of legislation and evaluating its effects; database management and the management of other public records in the Ministry; documenting and collecting materials important for cultural development; organising external research support for the Ministry's programmes; and ensuring expert administrative support for the National Council for Culture covering joint system questions that refer to individual viewpoints on cultural policy (regionalism, payment system for the public sector in the area of culture, co-operation with representative syndicates, protection of copyright and so forth).

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