Europe House, Maribor

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Evropska hiša Maribor
Gospejna 10, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 250 7491
Barbara Kobale, Public Relations

Founded in 1991 as a member of the Fédération international des maisons de l'Europe (FIME,, Europe House, Maribor is a non-governmental and non-profit information and educational institution that supports European integration processes by informing people, particularly young people, about news, standpoints and forms of integration in Europe. Europe House deals with the basic principles, social models and common characteristics of the EU - political pluralism, democracy, peace, social solidarity, cultural diversity, richness of common cultural heritage and the vital role of Europe. In recent years Europe House in Maribor has organised EU panel discussions, seminars and presentations for teachers, university students and school pupils, participated in seminars for NGOs organised by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and in conferences such as ‘Art and Economy’, held in Slovenia in July 2002. It has also put together cultural days involving ambassadors and a panel discussion with the Slovene Minister for European Affairs and representatives of the EU Commission Delegation. It has co-organised an international seminar on ‘The Role of Women in the EU’ in Graz and Maribor, involving representatives from 10 countries. The European Village project, in which schoolchildren prepared a presentation of the cultural heritage and folklore of all the European countries in Maribor city square, proved very successful. Europe House, Maribor co-operates with educational institutions, NGOs, other Europe Houses of the FIME network and other partners, such as the European Academy in Arnstadt, Germany.

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