International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art (IKT)

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International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art (IKT)
Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, 41 rue Notre Dame, L-2013 Luxembourg,
Phone352 225045
Enrico Lunghi, President

IKT functions as an international network for professionals working in the contemporary art field. By interchanging ideas and knowledge on different cultural activities from a variety of countries and cities through the whole world, IKT explores and widens international relations. In this way IKT finds new opportunities for artists and institutions and also investigates the ever changing position of contemporary art centres in relation to production, distribution and conservation.

The aim of the organisation is to facilitate, and stimulate the debate concerning the conception and realisation of contemporary art exhibitions. In practical matters, IKT members find partners for co-productions of exhibitions, catalogues and congresses.

IKT has about 500 members, these include directors and cultural managers from non-profit exhibition spaces and museums as well as freelance contemporary curators from Eastern and Western Europe, Japan, Australia and America.

To underline the internationality of the association the IKT board chosen at the congress in Lisbon in May 1999 has decided to move every three years the place of residency of the IKT office to an other country.