International Confederation of Music Societies (ICMS/CISM)

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Confédération Internationale des Sociétés Musicales (CISM)
Bahnhofmatte 20, CH-3232 Ins
Phone41 32 313 7366

Founded in 1949, the International Confederation of Music Societies is a member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). A non-profit organisation, it incorporates 21 national wind, drum, bugle, pipe and symphonic band societies. At present the voting members of CISM include some 35,000 bands and ensembles.

CISM’s objectives are to maintain, promote and cultivate band music, to support band music compositions and publications, to promote education and training in music and to arrange and realise international contact meetings, especially those aimed at young musicians. Its activities include the exchange of information about activities such as music camps, international and national music festivals, major concerts, performances and events, plus the provision of assistance and support for exchanges between bands and ensembles. It offers information and advice on youth activities within societies and bands, and organises workshops for conductors and instrumental teachers for youth, and contests and competitions for symphonic bands and wind ensembles as well as for drum, bugle and pipe bands and for original band compositions.

In Slovenia the Slovene Brass Orchestra Union has been a member of CISM since 1990.