TV Idea - Kanal 10, Murska Sobota

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TV Idea - Kanal 10, Murska Sobota
TV Idea Kanal 10 d o o, Kocljeva 9, SI-9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 2 537 1750
Štefan Celec, Director

Run by TV Idea Kanal 10 Ltd, Kanal 10 is a regional TV station serving the Pomurje region of Eastern Slovenia with around 130.000 potential viewers in the Municipalities of Murska Sobota, Turnišče, Veržej, Rogaševci, Tišina, Beltinci, Odranci, Velika Polana, Lendava, Razkrižje, Ljutomer, Radenci, Gornja Radgona, Apače, Grad, Gornji Petrovci, Puconci, Moravske Toplice, Pečarovci, Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici, Srednja Bistrica, Cankova and Križevci pri Ljutomeru). Most of Kanal 10's programming consists of local news (Aktualno and Event of the Day) plus other assorted programmes on Pomurje themes. Kanal 10 prepares local news programmes for Pop TV and the TV news station 24UR. Monday programming is dedicated to sport; Tuesday programming features representatives of various local institutions (including regularly the Mayor of Murska Sobota Urban Municipality); Wednesday features travel reports (eg a visit to Pomurje natives living in Betlehem, USA, travelogues on Australia, Montenegro, etc); Thursday programming focuses on cultural themes and feature films; the weekly comment by Editor in Chief Brigita Bavčar comes on Fridays; Saturday includes the youth entertainment programme plus a summary of the week and current news; and the Sunday programme presents some programmes by other TV stations. Kanal 10 has produced several documentaries (eg about the Moravske toplice spas), and some have won awards. TV Idea features the programme for Hungarian Minority (Jo Napod) and the monthly programme for the Roma community in Pomurje (Drom - Pot), which is available also online.

Since 2004 Kanal 10 has co-operated in a cross-border television project funded by the EU, collaborating with RTS TV from Slovenia, Steiermark 1 and MEMA TV from Austria, Varaždin TV from Croatia and TV Szombathely from Hungary. The project comprises a programme exchange, co-productions, common panel discussions and media and market research.