Trans Europe Halles

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Trans Europe Halles
Trans Europe Halles Coordination Office Mejeriet, Stora Södergatan 64, S-222 23 Lund, Sweden,

Phone46 704 823217

Trans Europe Halles is a network of independent culture centres. It was founded in 1983 and currently has 43 members in 24 countries.

Trans Europe Halles provides a stimulating platform for exchange, support and co-operation between its members. The network brings together a great diversity of independent and multi-disciplinary cultural centres.

All of the organisations in Trans Europe Halles have their own distinguishing features; however they share the same spirit of support for new talent, innovation, young artists and cultural exchange. Many of the network’s centres have been pioneers in providing opportunities for young people to utilise and develop their artistic skills and challenging the common cultural policy.

The projects undertaken in the Trans Europe Halles network are conducted within the local context but provide an international perspective. They address artistic and social issues and aim to promote co-operation and understanding between European cultural organisations.

Trans Europe Halles supports the idea of culture in its broadest sense and encourages collaboration between different artistic disciplines. The network aims to support alternative modes of artistic expression and provide a stage for artistic work that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Trans Europe Halles is a member of the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH).

In Slovenia both Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone and Pekarna Magdalena Network are members of Trans Europe Halles.