Museum of Salt Making, Sečovlje

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Muzej solinarstva, Sečovlje

Seča 115, Sečovlje, SI-6320 Portorož, Slovenia,


386 (0) 5 671 0040


386 (0) 5 671 0050

Flavio Bonin, Acting Director


The artefacts, photographs and texts which form the collection illustrate the working and living environment of the saltmakers. On the ground floor visitors can learn about the development of saltmaking in the north east Adriatic. Tools used for work in the salt pans and store houses are displayed here, and in nearby restored salt-pans a group of salt workers demonstrate traditional methods.

Muzej solinarstva, Sečovlje +
Flavio Bonin +
+386 / 5 671 0050 +
Muzej solinarstva, Sečovlje +
Acting Director +
Seča 115, Sečovlje, SI-6320 Portorož, Slovenia +
+386 / 5 671 0040 +
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