Dance funding, professional and support services


The articles below include many funders and support services related to arts and culture across all disciplines as well as dance-specific professional assocations. For theatre-specific professional associations and support services, see: Theatre funding, professional and support services.

EU funding

Culture! poster.jpgPoster Culture! successfully raises from the EU programes for the culture and audiovisual sectors, 2002-2012.

The interactive infographics represents the data related to the EU funding for culture, film and audiovisual media raised by Slovene organisations in the period 2000–2018. In 19 years 220 organisations have been involved in 925 projects with the European dimension.

In 2013 a data mining and interoperability project was performed by the teams of the Creative Europe Desk Slovenia and with the aim of presenting the whole bunch of data in a graphic way, and incite further analyses and comparative researches. Since then the infographic is being regularly updated as soon as results are announced. infographics, Web resource

Culture! poster.jpg