Events Guidelines (EG)


Useful links


Information sources

Information about the events provided by Slovene producers and institutions, Ministries, Embassies


The event editor collects information from various resources and updates the event list regularly. editors are sending short info or links to the address




  • Log in
  • Click on Events worldwide (left menu or right column)
  • Select a relevant Month in the right column
  • Copy&Paste a new Event Template field and fill it with relevant data
  • Write into Summary a short info about event, eg Cannes film fair
  • Save


  • Click on Events worldwide in the left menu or on MORE (under the WW events - on whatever (sub)portal)
  • You can filter the events according to year, country or discipline

You can select also Upcoming or All years

  • The number of events listed is located next to each year



| text        = 
| at          = 
| festival    = 
| organiser_url    = 
| in          = 
| country     = 
| from        = 
| to          = 
| program     =
| category    = 
| category1   = 
| category2   = 
| category3   = 
| category4   = 

  • at = THE VENUE
  • in = THE CITY
  • country = THE COUNTRY
  • program = EXTERNAL LINK

Event description

  1. TEXT - Description of the event: a vital information: a short description of the event (type of event (an exhibition, a concert, a lecture, etc.), a title in italics, by author [[]], (co)produced by Slovene producer [[]] (the title of the organisation should correspond to the namespace)
  2. Be consistent with order of information
  3. Include title of a performance/exhibition/book/project in English if possible
  4. If possible, include the internal link to the article in the database (eg Slovene producer, organiser)

Festival field & Organiser url

  1. FESTIVAL - check the name of festival in the Event Search field
  2. ORGANISER URL - the website of the festival

External link - Programme

The external url address brings additional information about the event. A good link is:

  • a special web page dedicated to Slovenian event, published online by the venue/organiser/festival
  • a programme schedule of the whole festival (including Slovenian participants) - ! often out of date after festival closure

Not so good is:

  • a link to FB event announcement
  • a link to the hosting group's website (only option in case of touring, when 1 event covers several cities, e.g. Laibach)

When a link in an archive is invalid, one should correct it

  • ideally find the web page in the festival archive
  • link to the event report
  • link to the organiser's website


  • One category or more (in case of multiple disciplines) - choose among: Architecture, Dance, Design, Film, Literature, Music, New media art, Theatre, Visual arts, Intangible heritage, Monuments&sites, Museums, Media, Archives, Libraries + Funding (if event is related to funding), Education (workshops, lectures), Support services (some embassy events)

Embassies Category

  • Write Embassies into Category field when you get information from the Embassy.
    • supported by the Embassy of the Repubic of Slovenia (City) - when financially supported via Cultural fund
    • announced by the Embassy of the Repubic of Slovenia (City) - in case when the VP only promotes the event

Top Category

  • Write top into Category field if you want the event to be featured on the cover page - check that you various disciplines are covered (adapt the "top" events)

Events Search

  • An Events Searchbox is accessible on the Events worldwide web page:

Search Events

  • A query through the Description text (hosting authors), the venue, the Country and City is possible
  • A list of Cities appears after clicking on the Country
  • Events can be filtered also via Festivals

Formatting rules

  • INTERNAL LINKS should be put into the | Text = field - use [[]] for Slovene artists, Slovene producers, organisers of the event, supporters (Embassies) - USE THE EXACT NAME FROM THE C.SI DATABASE
  • SLOVENE VENUE ABROAD - if the event happens at the Slovene venue abroad (eg SSG Trieste), there is no need to insert an internal link after |at = as the link is done automatically
    • Example: |at = Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste (! USE THE EXACT NAME FROM THE C.SI DATABASE)
  • DATES - example: | From = 30 May 2011 - | To = 15 June 2011 - In case of one day events, delete the line | To =
  • PROGRAMME: insert the external url address - OBLIGATORY FIELD!
  • FESTIVAL: insert a generic name of the festival - select among the already inserted festivals. Please check it out in the Search Events
  • If the web address contains strange signs, maybe you should replace them with the url escape codes
  • CATEGORIES - add the additional categories if needed

Event status: missing data

Insert a note about an event into the GoogleDocs EVENTS (missing dates or links) in case of:

  • the missing dates of the event
  • the missing www link to the programme/event info (published by the venue, festival, producer or organiser)
    • Example: predstavitve slovenskih filmov v več mestih po Izraelu (julij)