'Celjani' Medieval Group

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'Celjani' Medieval Group
Turistično društvo Celje, Cesta na grad 78, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 3 492 6920
Gorazd Žagar, Secretary

The 'Celjani' Medieval Society was formed by the Celje Tourist Association in August 2002. Celjani stands for the last counts of Celje from the 15th century (Herman II, Frideric II, Ulrik II and Barbara of Celje, the Queen). The group has around 30 members who revive, promote and undertake research in understanding medieval life, culture, technique and crafts. The group makes authentic reconstructions of medieval clothes, equipment and various objects and practises experimental archaeology, presenting the results at workshops or events. The group members are involved in medieval martial arts courses. The society participates in medieval events in Slovenia and abroad, including the Medieval Day at Celje Castle, organised by Celje Tourist Association on the last Saturday in August.