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ATA produkcija d o o Ljubljana
Stegne 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0)41 644 245
Joco Jauh, Director

ATA Productions was the producer of the popular film Kajmak in marmelada [Cheese and Jam, 2002], directed by Branko Djurić Djuro, which was premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival and received the Audience Award at the 2003 Festival of Slovenian Film in Celje. In 2005 ATA Production produced the documentary Aven Čhavora ['Aven Chavora'], a sequel to the film Opre Roma, which described the life of the Roma community in Novo mesto today. Director Filip Robar Dorin presented Aven Čhavora at the Reality Check Festival in the Riverside Studios London in October 2006. ATA Production is also the film's distributor. The company's latest production is the film Traktor, ljubezen in rock'n'roll [Tractor, Love and Rock'n'roll', 2007], a film adaptation of the novel Vankoštanc by Feri Lainšček which was shot in Pomurje region of eastern Slovenia and directed by Branko Djurić Djuro. The film was co-produced by Refresh Production, Sarajevo.

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