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Österreich Institut GmbH

Alser Strasse 26/2b, A-1090 Vienna, Austria,


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Dr Brigitte Ortner, Director

Lydia Roessler, Head of Public Relations


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NOTE: Depot includes also the articles about international organisations, which have the seat outside Slovenia. For the time being the database includes Slovenian cultural producers, international organisations with a representative office in Slovenia, and Slovene cultural institutions abroad. See the Austrian Institute, Ljubljana.

The Österreich Institut GmbH was established in 1997 as a not-for-profit organisation responsible to the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its mission is to promote the German language and culture, primarily in supporting the learning of the German language in Central European countries. A network of centres runs German language courses and promotes cultural exchange in co-operation with Austrian and international organisations - this network comprises its headquarters in Vienna, and centres in Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Roma and Istanbul. The Slovene branch was opened in February 2004:

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