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Center sodobnih plesnih umetnosti
Zaloška 65, SI-1101 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 8 205 6540

In March 2012 the Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia launched a petition against the abolition of the Center of Contemporary Dance Arts. Eventually the Centre was closed.

Archival article

The Center of Contemporary Dance Arts is a national institute for contemporary dance, founded in 2011 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Ministry of Culture) as the first public institution in the field of dance. A cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana was signed to support the programme activities. The Center of Contemporary Dance Arts strives to establish and build up cooperation with all contemporary dance organisations in order to jointly – with the general public and all the stakeholders – contribute to the development of policies in the field of contemporary dance.

The Center of Contemporary Dance Arts (CCDA) encourages participation, democracy, plurality, fluidity, international cooperation and quality of creation. Its activities comprise presentation, development, education, research, documentation, preservation and promotion of various aesthetic and production practices of contemporary dance in-country and internationally.

In accordance with its mission, the CCDA provides improved infrastructure and production conditions for professionals in the field of contemporary dance and ensures the coexistence of different contemporary dance art forms.

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