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Creative Europe presents the main results of a three-year empirical and conceptual investigation into the challenges and practical problems of artists and other cultural actors from all corners of the continent.

Parts I and II of the results of Creative Europe are printed in book form and address the questions: What kinds of challenges and practical problems have artists and other cultural actors been facing under the new economic and political conditions of the late 1990s and the early 21st century? What is being done by contemporary European governments to support artistic work? Which new modes of partnerships between public, private and non-profit actors have evolved to support artistic creativity and cultural innovations under the prevailing and emerging new conditions? How is the management of artistic creativity and its mediation of production organised? How have the successes and failures of this management depended on the networks of intermediators, capacity of producers and the diversity of cultural milieus emerging under different local and regional condition

Part III of Creative Europe is this website; an Internet companion to the printed publication housing summary profiles on creativity policies in 20 countries, articles written on challenges facing practitioners in different artistic fields and results from research carried out on the influence of foundations in the cultural field in certain regions of Europe. An extensive literature review of some 200 books, articles and journals classified according to 12 new codes is also posted.

Comments and feedback to the ongoing debate about an expanded system of governance and management for artistic creativity in a new European cultural space are invited.