Culturelink Network of Networks for Research and Co-operation in Cultural Development



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Culturelink Network of Networks for Research and Co-operation in Cultural Development
Institute for Development and International Relations (IMO), Ulica Ljudevita Farkaša Vukotinovića 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia,
Phone385 1 487 7487, 385 1 487 7460
Biserka Cvjetičanin, Network Director

A worldwide network of networks for research and co-operation in cultural development, Culturelink embraces research, information and documentation centres devoted to cultural development and international co-operation. It was established in June 1989 following a recommendation adopted at the International Consultation of Representatives of Regional and Sub-Regional Networks for Cultural Development Research and Co-operation organised in Paris by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the Council of Europe. Culturelink is sponsored by UNESCO and the Council of Europe. The focal point of the Network is the IRMO-Institute for Development and International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia. Culturelink’s aims are: to strengthen and enlarge continuous communication amongst members of the network, including information on their work, research, meetings and publications; to collect, process and disseminate information on cultural development, cultural policies and cultural life; and to encourage joint research and other endeavours aimed at improving the flow of information among developed and developing countries, the UN and other international organisations. Its activities include the promotion of inter-regional research programmes and projects on cultural development and cultural policies, including programmes on cultural identities, mass media, communication technologies and cultural co-operation; development of a documentation centre and cultural development data bank in order to form information on cultural development, policies and life accessible to all members of the network; and publication of the quarterly bulletin Culturelink.