Drago Ivanuša

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Drago Ivanuša

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Accordion player, pianist and composer Drago Ivanuša has collaborated with theatre directors such as Sebastijan Horvat, Dušan Jovanović, Meta Hočevar, Janez Pipan and Eduard Milerm, and film directors such as Jan Cvitkovič and Janez Burger. He heads the ensemble Hotel Ideal ('Ideal Hotel'), and plays in Štefbet Rifi, while also making guest appearances in the jazz ensemble Fake Orchestra; until recently he was also a member of Bast, a well-known Slovene musical collective. He has composed music for Aleš Hadalin and Uršula Ramoveš and has authored music for about 40 theatre and dance performances, four feature films, seven short films and about 50 advertisements. As a studio musician he has teamed up with a vast number of artists and groups. He feels a strong affinity to the fusion of diverse musical approaches, combining classical sound with electronics, improvised music echoes, jazz and world music. He received the Golden Bird Award for talented Slovene young artists in 1999.