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Štipendije EIFFEL
Francoski kulturni institut Charles Nodier, Breg 12/II, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 1 200 0500
Patricia Košir, Programme Assistant

The Eiffel Scholarship programme is run as a partnership between the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of High Education and Research and French higher education centres and offers stipends for graduate as well as postgraduate study. The programme provides study opportunities for high-potential students in France, providing top-class French education for future decision-makers in the public and private sectors. The Eiffel Doctorate Scholarship programme offers PhD students a year's study in France (primarily second or third year of a doctoral thesis course). The deadline is usually in January. Please consult the [phttp://www.egide.asso.fr/uk/programmes/eiffel Egide] website with more information in English language.

See also Proteus, French-Slovene Scientific Research Support Scheme and French Studies, Researches and Translations Stipends.