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EPTA Center za izobraževanje in usposabljanje in založništvo

Epta d.o.o., WTC, Dunajska 156, SI-1001 Ljubljana


386 (0) 1 560 0850, 386 (0) 40 703378


386 (0) 1 560 0860

Janko Dolinšek, Director and Publisher

Dr Margareta Dolinšek Bubnič, Head of Education and Training Centre

EPTA was founded in 1991 by Janko and Margareta Dolinšek as an educational and training centre and publishing company to provide services and solutions for companies, cultural, health and education organisations and national and local government agencies. Its mission continues today and is based on multidisciplinary knowledge and practice. EPTA Publishing focuses on the finest children's and juvenile literature, fostering creativity and inner motivation.