European Multimedia Forum (EMF)



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European Multimedia Forum (EMF)
European Office: 55 rue Hector Denis, B1050 Brussels, Belgium,

Phone43 1 212 8522 11
Dr Margaretha Mazura, Secretary General

Phone32 2 219 0305

The European Multimedia Forum (EMF) is the main European association promoting the competitiveness of the converging ICT and digital media industries in the global market place (defined as the 'information sector' by the OECD). Its main objectives are to facilitate contacts and knowledge exchange, to provide an international support network and to encourage the expansion of European enterprises by enhancing their international visibility and their access to funding.

Established in 1994 during the first wave of 'multimedia', the EMF was formed in order to stimulate the commercial demand for dynamic multimedia content and technologies. Ever since, the EMF has played an important role in promoting the various components of the digital value chain (cf our own graphical representation of the multimedia value-chain or 'What is Multimedia?' definition and glossary provided by our partner association EMMAUK). Through networking opportunities and a well-targeted portfolio of services, EMF endeavours to add value directly to its members' core business functions. In short, EMF focuses on two important drivers for any business in the digital industries: markets and money, and offers at the same time a broad panoply of free support activities to its membership.