Ferdo Mayer Gallery

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Galerija Ferda Mayerja
Predilniška cesta 10, SI-4290 Tržič
Phone386 (0) 4 596 4389, 386 (0) 4 596 4172
ProprietorTržič Museum
Melanija Primožič, Director

Phone386 (0) 41 238118

The building (exhibition hall, hall and offices) in which this gallery is based was originally erected as a pavilion of the National Liberation War, designed by architect Ciril Oblak. At first it was managed by the Association of National Liberation War Veterans of Tržič, with Tržič Museum taking responsibility for the exhibition programme and concerts; later this function passed to the Institute for Culture and Education of Tržič. Following an initiative of the municipality, the gallery was renamed the Ferdo Mayer Gallery and it became a branch of Tržič Museum.