Film Video Monitor Festival, Gorizia-Gorica



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Festival Film video monitor, Gorizia-Gorica
Kinoatelje, Piazza Vittoria/Travnik, 38, 34170 Gorizia-Gorica, Italy,
Phone39 04 813 3580
Aleš Doktorič, Director

Launched in 1986 by Kinoatelje, Gorizia-Gorica, the Film Video Monitor Festival was established as an overview of Slovene annual film production aimed at the Slovene and Italian public in an important border region. Past festivals have also included screenings of the work of Central European film makers such as Jože Babič, Jože Pogačnik, Boštjan Hladnik, Peter Handke and Franco Giraldi, and a tribute to the actress Nora Gregor. The VideoGONG section presents video and new media art in the cross-border region. The Darko Bratina Award is bestowed at this festival. The feature film programme is screened at the Gorizia Cinema.