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Poljanska cesta 8, Si-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 1 430 2741

Futro is a creative service unit founded in 2003 by designer Slavimir Stojanović, 'a place where art and commercial work feed one another with endless inspiration.' In November 2003 Futro won the Brumen Award at the first Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication in Ljubljana. Other awards have included three 'Best Of' categories in Logo Design, Advertising and Magazine Design respectively (2003) and the Grifon Award at the 5th Graphic Communications Biennale (2003) in Belgrade. In September 2005 Futro took part in the Designers Block exhibition in London with a new range of Futro Lights. More information about its current products along with an archive is available at the website.