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Dachauer Strasse 122, 80637 Munich, Germany
Phone49 89 159210
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The Goethe-Institut is a worldwide, non-profit, semi-private organisation which functions to promote the German language and culture. It is partially funded by the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. There are currently 144 Goethe-Institutes in 76 countries and the Palestinian Territories, which (i) carry out cultural programmes in conjunction with various host-country organisations; (ii) provide information about Germany; (iii) offer German courses; (iv) provide further training for German teachers; (v) prepare curricula, instructional materials and examinations for teaching German as a foreign language in co-operation with host country schools and universities; and (vi) provide interested individuals in host countries with up-to-date information on Germany and German culture in modern libraries and multi-media information centres. The activities of the Goethe-Institut abroad emphasise (a) partnership and dialogue – the Institute, in co-operation with host country organisations, treats issues and works on projects which reflect the current situation in each country, as well as providing information on German arts, science and politics; and (b) broad concept of culture – the Institute's concept of culture involves everyday life and current technology as well as discussions on social and political topics. Thus it includes not only Stockhausen, Beethoven, Goethe, Habermas and Heiner Mϋller, but also discussions and symposiums on such topics as politics, city planning and environmental protection.

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