Government Office for Nationalities



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Urad vlade RS za narodnosti
Erjavčeva 15, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 478 1365
Stanko Baluh, Director

The Office for Nationalities is an independent government office which is responsible for global supervision of the realisation of the provisions of the law on the protection of nationalities. It monitors the practical effects, drawing attention to problem areas, preparing suggestions and initiatives for the government and other state bodies and preparing analyses and reports on the wider issues of protection of nationalities, together with the relevant ministries. It also offers funding for some ethnic culture programmes (eg weekly programmes for Roma in both Slovene and Romany, broadcast on the local radio stations Radio Murski val in Murska Sobota and Studio D in Novo mesto, and by TV AS television station of Murska Sobota).