Hungarian Cultural Society Petőfi Sándor



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Madžarsko kulturno društvo Petőfi Sándor
Vodovodna 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 1 436 4337

The Hungarian Cultural Society Petőfi Sándor was established in the 1960s. Its basic aim is to foster Hungarian culture and language and integrate it into the cultural life of the capital of Slovenia. The society invites Hungarian artists and lecturers to Slovenia and organises concerts, literary evenings and panel discussions on Hungarian books and literature. It has a drama group and a folklore dance group, along with sections on sport, dance, choir, fine arts and crafts. Hungarian, Slovene and other language courses are available. The Society also engages in publishing activities, issuing the Mozaik information bulletin and occasional books. It has a library consisting of 2,000 titles. Some of its cultural programmes are financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.