Infonet Radio Network



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Infonet Radio Network
InfoNet Media d d, Cesta na Brdo 27, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 1 242 5631
Leo Oblak, President

Registered at the Ministry of Culture in 2001, the Infonet Radio Network unites 30 radio stations (15 of which it also owns) all around Slovenia. This network covers 85 per cent of Slovene territory, reaching a potential 1,748,000 listeners. It is listened to daily by 300,000 people.

The radio channels are: the radio stations covering the Central Slovenia and Gorenjska region (Radio Antena, Radio Belvi, Radio GEOSS, Radio Šport, Radio Orion, Poslovni radio (Business Radio) and Radio Zeleni val); the radio stations covering Eastern Slovenia (Radio Ptuj, Radio Maxi- Prleški val, Radio Net FM, Radio Viva, Radio Rogla, Radio Fantasy, Radio Urban); the radio stations covering the Savinjska region (Bakla and Moj Radio); the radio stations covering the South-Eastern Slovenia (Radio Odeon and Radio Max); and the radio stations covering the Coast and Western Slovenia region (Radio Morje, Radio Val and Radio odmev (Cerkno)).