Institution for Hungarian Nationality and Culture Lendava-Lendva



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Zavod za kulturo madžarske narodnosti Lendava-Lendva
Glavna 124, SI-9220 Lendava-Lendva

Phone386 (0) 2 577 6660, 386 (0) 2 577 6662, 386 (0) 3 177 3564

NOTE: Cultural organizations that engage in cultural activities of both Hungarian and Italian minorities, the Romany community and other minority ethnic groups and immigrants in Slovenia, are numerous. These organizations mostly engage in youth and amateur cultural activities, while the database focuses on professional arts and culture. As the list of the articles is not complete, for the time being these articles are stored in the Depot. Below you can read the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid. For the up-dated information consult the Department for Cultural Diversity and Human Rights, Ministry of Culture.

The Institution for Hungarian Nationality and Culture was established in 1993. Today it is the central organisation for cultural activities of the Hungarian minority which organises programmes relating to language and literature (competitions, readings), science and publishing, and also runs a special programme for pupils of bilingual schools. It also comprises an Association of Hungarian Writers in Slovenia and an Association of Hungarian Scientists in Slovenia. In co-operation with the Hungarian bookstore Bánffy, the organisation is currently working on a new literary coffeehouse and multimedia centre with an e-point. The programme including publication of the literary periodical Muratay, the almanac Naptar and 'Lendava-Lendva Notebooks' is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture.

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