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International Tourism Institute
Nacionalno turistično združenje, Vošnjakova 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 1 433 9440
Janez Sirše, Managing Director

Established in 1994, the International Tourism Institute at the National Tourist Association was founded in order to carry out professional research work in the field of tourism. It develops research methods, gathers tourism statistics, analyses economic and social problems and brings a scientific, professional approach into force for the treatment of problems in tourism. The Institute develops education and training programmes in tourism, collects professional literature and statistic data and strengthens international scientific and professional co-operation in tourism. Research results are published in the National Tourist Association's bulletin Tourist News and in the periodical Academia Turistica.

The International Tourism Institute began developing educational programs in the areas of tourism, hotel management, and catering in 1998. These programmes are combined within the framework of the project Centre for Qualification in Tourism (CUT). Analyses of human resource personnel and their qualifications in Slovene tourism have shown that in addition to regular training for the needs of tourism, appropriate supplementary management training is sorely needed. Organisational and contextual bases for the qualification of employees in Slovene tourism are planned in co-operation with experts from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The Institute's educational programmes are directed at the permanent education and qualification of tourism employees. In preparation for their introduction, CUT, with the aid of foreign and domestic experts, trained 14 Slovene experts – trainers for implementing programmes in hotel management, kitchen and catering service management, hotel and catering marketing, guest relations, inspection of hotels and catering establishments, reception work and hotel housekeeping. CUT continuously develops and strengthens international ties with expert institutions and individuals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland and elsewhere in the world. It has also attracted a number of Slovene experts and tourist companies.