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A project of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), LabforCulture is a new, fully interactive website for all those involved in arts and culture who create, collaborate, share and produce across borders in Europe. is a vast source of online information, debate and research on European cultural co-operation.

It’s never been easier to know about everything that’s happening across Europe in arts and culture. LabforCulture develops innovative approaches, tools and technologies to strengthen, stimulate and facilitate cultural collaboration across geographic, cultural and imaginative borders.

It works with and for artists, arts and culture organisations and networks, cultural professionals and audiences in the 50 countries of Europe, as well as providing a platform for cultural co-operation between Europe and the rest of the world.

Its mission is both to ensure that all those working on cultural collaboration have access to up-to-the-minute information and to encourage the cultural sector to become more experimental with online technologies.

LabforCulture provides services to artists, cultural managers, producers, programmers, researchers and policy makers.

It provides: (i) information, research and analysis related to cultural co-operation and collaboration, including funding opportunities, critical perspectives, research, news, and contacts (organisations and networks); (ii) online networking tools to enable and strengthen the capacity for cultural collaboration within the cultural sector; promotion of the players engaged in cultural co-operation and their activities across Europe and beyond; (iii) spaces for connections, exchanges and knowledge sharing between organisations and individuals; and (iv) platforms for discussion and discourse on current issues affecting the cultural sector.