Metamedia, Laboratory of Idea Dissemination



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Metamedia, laboratorij za preučevanje pomena širjenja idej
Gradaška 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 41 388190, 386 (0) 40 296218
Oliver Vodeb, Strategic and Programme Director

Metamedia is an independent and non-profit professional institution with an office in Ljubljana. It aims to educate, experiment, communicate and perform research in the field of idea-dissemination (propagation) phenomena. The concept behind Metamedia is to recognise the relevance of autonomy and the importance of critical knowledge in understanding and working within the field of communications. Understanding such issues requires interdisciplinary studies, research and the linking of theory to practice. Metamedia has four autonomous though integrated departments: Media studies, Virtual media, Visual communications and Critical theories of society - culture and communications. Metamedia endeavours to widen the discourse of communications and through the educational process establish social responsibility, analytical depth and lucidity in the production and implementation of ideas.