Miljenka Fischer Devetak (MFD) Foundation for Fostering the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Ethnic and Religious Minorities in South Eastern Europe



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Miljenka Fischer Devetak (MFD) Ustanova za pospeševanje varstva kulturne dediščine etničnih in verskih manjšin v JV Evropi
Heroja Tomšičeva 4, SI-2000 Maribor

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Phone386 (0) 2 235 5370
Dr Silvo Devetak, President, MFD Foundation

Established in 2001, the Miljenka Fischer Devetak (MFD) Foundation aims to foster research and facilitate the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of ethnic and religious minorities in South Eastern Europe as an important element in developing the values of multicultural society, promoting mutual respect among nations and securing the stability of the region.

The Miljenka Fischer Devetak (MFD) Foundation organises conferences, seminars and other meetings to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and produces publications on the cultural heritage of the minorities. It collects funds for major projects, usually co-operative cross-border projects focused on South Eastern Europe. In May 2002 the MFD Foundation in partnership with the Institute for Ethnic and Regional Studies (ISCOMET), Maribor, the European Centre for Ethnic, Regional and Sociological Studies (ECERS), University of Maribor and the Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana, organised a seminar on ‘Multireligious Images of Slovenia’ in Maribor.