Muzifest International Festival of New Music



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Muzifest - mednarodni festival nove glasbe
Društvo Muzina, Pleteršnikova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Organised byMuzina Association
Gregor Pompe, President

Muzifest is an international festival of new composition which seeks to unite various composition styles, nations and generations of the 20th and 21st centuries. Launched in 1999 by the Muzina Association for the Stimulation and Development of New Music, it was dedicated in 2003 to the work and thoughts of Clarence Barlow, a pupil of Stockhausen and Director of the 14th International Conference of Computer Music in Cologne, who also attended that festival. The programme of the festival is usually divided into three thematic evenings: Music and Space; Sound and Image; and New Music and Society. Muzifest’s principal aims are to introduce contemporary music and its creators to the Slovene public, to follow European musical trends and movements, and to encourage Slovene musical creativity by opening it up to a broader range of interactions.