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Pop TV
Kranjčeva 26, SI-1521 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 589 3200, 386 (0) 1 589 3313
ProprietorPro Plus Ltd

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Produced along with its stable-mate Kanal A by TV management and production company Pro Plus Ltd (PROduction PLUS is a part of CME). Pop TV is Slovenia's largest and most popular commercial TV station.

The station can be viewed over all Slovenia, and in 2006 Pop TV had 28.6 to 31.3 (prime-time) audience shared (AGB Nielsen Media Research). It offers international and local news, film hits, popular serials, live sports, beauty competitions, entertainment shows and Slovene serials (eg Our Little Clinic), reality shows and game shows. The most popular programmes at present are the weekly shows Trenja ('Frictions') and Preverjeno! ('Confirmed!') in which well-known guests discuss politics and other current themes.

The 24ur.com news portal, also run by Pro Plus Ltd, is closely linked to the Pop TV news programme 24ur ('24hours').