Primorska Science Foundation



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Ustanova Primorska znanstvena fundacija
Pristaniška 45, SI-6000 Koper-Capodistria

Phone386 (0) 5 664 5508
Iztok Obad, President

The Primorska Science Foundation was established in 1998 by several individuals - Banka Koper, Emona Obala Koper and Splošna plovba Portorož. Later, more individuals and firms, including Kig-Koprinvest Group Koper, Presan d o o, Luka Koper, Jadroagent and ZIL, joined the initiative. The Foundation’s expert committee consists of three members. The aim of the Foundation is to stimulate the development of sciences in the western Slovenia coastal region known as Primorska. Its funds derive from grants, donations, subventions and the inheritance of Slovene and foreign individuals and organisations. The Foundation co-operates with industry, educational institutions, research institutions, Visokošolsko središče, the Slovene Science Foundation and the Universities of Ljubljana and Maribor, contributes to the development of Primorska University and supports the initiative for a Natural and Technical Sciences Faculty at Primorska. Stipends are offered to Primorska students of high schools and universities around Slovenia and abroad and for research projects by students who are going to work in Primorska. Priority is given to students of the natural sciences and technology.