ROMIC - Roma Information Centre



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ROMIC - Romski informativni center
Zveza Romov Slovenije, Arhitekta Novaka 13, SI-9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 2 530 8104
Jože Horvat-Muc, President and Editor in Chief

Opened in October 2003, ROMIC is the first and only Roma information centre in Slovenia. The centre collects books and other material about the Roma in Slovenia and informs both the Roma people and other members of the population about Roma life, work, customs, language and culture. The Roma media include Romano Them - Svet Romov ('Roma World') newspaper, Romano Nevijpe ('Roma News') newspaper and the Roma radio programme Prisluhnite Romom - Shumen le Romen ('Listen to Roma People'), which is produced at the ROMIC Studio and broadcast by eight radio stations - Radio Študent (RŠ) in Ljubljana, Mariborski radio Študent (MARŠ) in Maribor, Radio Odeon in Črnimelj, Radio Maxi in Ljutomer, Radio Kaos in Ljubljana, and the local TV Idea - Kanal 10, Murska Sobota and TV Lendava.