Roma Union of Slovenia



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Zveza Romov Slovenije
Arhitekta Novaka 13, SI-9000 Murska Sobota
Phone386 (0) 2 530 8100

Established in 1996, the Roma Union of Slovenia unites around 22 Roma associations around Slovenia, covering the south eastern areas around Pomurje, Posavje, Bela krajina and part of Gorenjska. Within the Roma Union, the Roma Women's Forum is active and the ROMIC - Roma Information Centre and the ROMIC radio studio operates as a basic information contact point for the Slovene Roma community. The Roma Union publishes the monthly newspaper Romano Them - Romski Svet ('Romani World') in both Slovene and Romany. In recent years it has also issued a number of cultural publications, mainly collections of poems and plays.

Within the Roma Union of Slovenia are: Amala - the Roma association and music groups in Ljubljana and Romano čačipe in Grosuplje, Romano vozo in Velenje and Romano pralipe in Maribor; most of organisations are from Pomurje region: Romani Union (issuing the newspaper Romano Nevijpe), Pušča - Roma cultural and tourist association (both in Murska Sobota), Roma Association Čapla (issuing the newspaper Romano glauso ('Voice of Roma') in Tišina, the Roma Association Zeleno vejš in Rogašovci, Romano Pejtašaugo in Črenšovci, Zelenu dombo in Bodonci, the Roma Association Somnakuni Čerhenja in Cankova, the Roma Association Romano jilo in Lendava-Lendva, the Roma Association Veverica na veji from Dobrovnik; some Roma organisations are located also in South-Eastern Slovenia: the Roma Association Črnomelj, Roma Society Maj in Kočevje, Metlika Kham, Roma in Semič, Romano Čhavora in Leskovec pri Krškem and the Roma associations Romano gav, Romano veseli and Roma Today in Novo mesto.

These groups co-operate with various Slovene NGOs, including the Peace Institute - Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association, the Association for Voluntary Work Development in Novo mesto, several local youth and cultural centres as well as various cultural producers and promoters. The Ministry of Culture financially supports a range of Roma cultural programmes.

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