Studio D



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Studio D

Seidlova 29, SI-8000 Novo mesto


386 (0) 7 373 1020


386 (0) 7 373 1027

Uroš Dular, Director


386 (0) 7 373 1017

Rastko Božič, Editor in Chief

Studio D was founded in 1987 by four municipalities as the first local and regional radio station in this part of Slovenia. It broadcasts 24 hours a day on 103MHz FM, covering the Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Posavje regions as well as large parts of Croatia. The station's main function is information distribution in all fields. Culture is covered in a daily cultural events spot and in the daily programme Chronicle, and the station also occasionally presents special programmes on film and music. Studio D co-operates with Voice of America, Washington, as well as with the Croatian radio stations Radio Jadranka and Mali Lošinj.