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Hi-Fi Videostudio d o o, Slovenska 52, SI-9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia,
Phone386 (0) 2 521 3030

Originally engaged in music production, TV AS's parent company Hi-Fi Videostudio Ltd established a TV studio in 1986 and began broadcasting as TV AS in 1991. Since 1998 its programming has been developed and its reach extended throughout the region of Pomurje in eastern Slovenia.

TV AS currently broadcasts for about 66 hours a week, nine and a half hours a day, to an audience of around 120,000. Regular programming includes news bulletins, Gnes ('Today' in Prekmurje dialect), Viva Turistica, Vitalis (a health programme), Zakoj pa nej (a programme covering agriculture, sports and youth) and Romano Dikhijpe (a programme for the Romany minority), plus regular music shows and a special programme covering municipality issues. Once a week TV AS prepares a programme entitled A Week Along the Mura River (the oldest programme of the studio) for TV Maribor - Tele M.

In 1999 TV AS joined the 3rd TV Network, which bound it together with four other regional TV stations - Studio Signal TV, Vaša Television (VTV), TV Primorka and Vaš kanal - with the aim of covering broader territory and exchanging programmes. TV AS is also a member of the Association of Slovene Local Television Stations (LTV Slovenia).